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Paris Street Art – Vitry-sur-Seine

While in Paris, we took a day trip out to a suburb of Paris called Vitry-sur-Seine to check out the street art and murals.  Here you’ll find work of very well known stencil artists such as C215 and Alice. The town council has made it a local culture policy to encourage the proliferation of streets art and even bring the artists into the local schools to teach their craft. Here’s my documentary images from an afternoon in Vitry-sur-Seine. Be sure to watch the video!


Here’s a video that contains many more images I shot in Vitry:

The Street Art of Paris: Vitry Sur Seine from Carol Watson on Vimeo.



Photography Video

¡Viva Archivos – Steeple Full of Swallows

I’m revisiting my archives and came across this image from 2005 that was taken in Alberta, Canada.  This is one of my favorite places and I know that when I visit it again, there’s a good chance it will be gone.


Whenever I look at this image, I immediately start thinking about a song by The Gourds called “Steeple Full of Swallows.  Here’s the lyrics:

Steeple full of swallows
Hammer in the weeds
heart full of my head
mosquito’s on my feet

You must be the fine hairs
You must be the frown
You must be the reason
All the lights go down

Steeple full of swallows
Smoke in the house
heart full of my head
mud in my mouth

You must be the cinder
You must be the sound
You must be the reason
all the lights go down

You can listen to the song here:  Steeple Full of Swallows

Photography Travel Video

Song For Ireland – A Photographic Journey

In 2006 I had the opportunity to take my husband’s mother, Bettye, on a trip to Ireland. She was nearly 80 years old at the time and had always wanted to go. We hired a driver and spent 10 days touring the Irish countryside. This was to be Bettye’s last trip – she passed away the following year. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and in her memory, I created a slideshow containing images from that wonderful trip. Sláinte, Bettye!

Music soundtrack: Kila – Lemonade & Buns

Song For Ireland – A Photographic Journey from Carol Watson on Vimeo.

Photography Video

Prairie Solitude – Images of Disappearing Rural Life

One of my favorite series of images that I’ve worked on for over 5 years are those associated with rural life throughout the world. I created a slide show of digital infrared photographs from the series and it was chosen as a finalist at the Palm Springs Photography Festival a couple of years ago and was also selected to play at the very first Slideluck Potshow held in Austin, TX.  Heres a snippet of images from that series.  Below that you’ll find a link to the slide show.

Images from my Prairie Solitude series.

Here’s the slide show I created:

Prairie Solitude from Carol Watson on Vimeo.

Life in Mexico Photography Video

Riding El Chepe – Train Trip Through Northern Mexico

In early 2010, I went on a fun train trip through the Copper Canyon of Northern Mexico along with my mother and my aunt.  It was definitely an adventure for the three of us and we can now check it off of our “bucket lists”.

I created a video slide show will some of my favorite travel memories of that trip.  Since I had to travel very light on the train, I didn’t pack my SLR, but instead went with my Sony fixed lens camera for my still images along with my little Flip Mino HD for the the video.

Riding El Chepe from Carol Watson on Vimeo.