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Australia: The Ruthven Kelpies

I admit it, I have a fondness for herding dogs.  I grew up with Border Collies.  My husband and I had a Border Collie with us in Texas for 15 years. When I flew across the Pacific to Australia to visit my sister Judy, I had the opportunity to spend time with their five black and tan Kelpies. It was impressive to watch my brother-in-law, Bruce, work with them on their little hobby farm. Time with the Kelpies was a part of his daily routine (he’s also an accountant). You could tell that working with these dogs was his true passion. These Kelpies are gorgeous dogs and were so attentive to Bruce’s mustering commands.

It was great fun to get to know each of their personalities.  Tia, the only female (mother to the 3 younger kelpies) is very sweet, but likes to terrorize the chooks (chickens). Max loves to hide and sneak out from behind the trees on the property. Two of the brothers enjoy taunting Charlie until he suddenly runs off at high-speed. His two brothers chase him until he stops — and the taunting and subsequent chase begins again.

I spent a morning with Bruce photographing the dogs during their exercise time as Bruce played fetch with them. Here they are, the Ruthven Kelpies in all their wonderful, playful, hard-working glory.

kelpies 01 kelpies 02 kelpies 04 kelpies 06 animals 0184 kelpies 03 kelpies 05

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  • maw
    June 18, 2016 at 6:36 pm

    aha, no I see the pix. Like you, I loved those dogs & enjoyed watching Bruce with the dogs when I was there ;o)

  • Eva
    June 18, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Love! Do Judy and Bruce still have all the dogs and chooks at their new(er) place?
    I tuned into Bondi Vet the other day and he was working with a Kelpie who had a balance problem from a hit on the head. Dog ended up with wheels to help him keep upright. I thought of Judy and Bruce.
    These are awesome pics 🙂