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Romancing Tuscany

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Tuscany and spending time in and around Cortona.  Despite visting Tuscany three times, there is something that draws me back and I can’t wait to return.  Here’s a series of Tuscan landscapes from my “Romance” series.

Many thanks to Tania and Keith from Casa bel Posto for being such great hosts and tour guides!


Photography Travel

Oh Canada…

Today is Canada’s 144th birthday.  In honor of my birthplace, I’m posting a series of images from Canada that I’ve photographed since moving to Texas nearly 15 years ago. Sometimes you don’t notice the beauty of your surroundings until you return after a long absence. With every trip back home to Canada, I rediscover the beauty of my home country.


Photography Travel

Murals y Mas – Discovering West San Antonio

Driving through parts of West San Antonio, Texas was like being back in Mexico.  This area of the city was rich and alive with history, art and food at the heart of San Antonio’s Mexican American community. West SA is definitely a must-see for lovers of colorful murals.  Here’s a selection of digital infrared images from that drive.



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Song For Ireland – A Photographic Journey

In 2006 I had the opportunity to take my husband’s mother, Bettye, on a trip to Ireland. She was nearly 80 years old at the time and had always wanted to go. We hired a driver and spent 10 days touring the Irish countryside. This was to be Bettye’s last trip – she passed away the following year. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and in her memory, I created a slideshow containing images from that wonderful trip. Sláinte, Bettye!

Music soundtrack: Kila – Lemonade & Buns

Song For Ireland – A Photographic Journey from Carol Watson on Vimeo.

Photography Travel

Copper Canyon in Infrared

In February of this year I rode El Chepe, the train that takes you through the Copper Canyon of Northern Mexico. I traveled on this trip with my mother and my aunt. It was an amazing experience and we didn’t feel unsafe at all even considering the negative press relating to drug violence in Northern Mexico.

Here’s some of my favorite digital infrared shots from that trip.