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Raiya’s Annaprasan

I really enjoy being witness to special cultural rituals and being asked to photograph the family celebration of little Raiya’s Annaprasan was truly an honor and pleasure for me.

An Annaprasan is a Hindu rite of passage to celebrate an infant’s first intake of food other than milk. It is a big occasion for celebration, and extended family, friends and neighbors celebrated with the family.

Raiya’s grandmother prepared a small bowl of rice-based food and little Raiya’s uncle fed her a small spoonful. Other members of the family then took turns to give her a taste. The feeding ceremony also included a game, in which Raiya was presented with a tray containing a number of objects. These included a bangle or jewel, a book, a pen, coins and other items. Raiya’s future direction and prospects in life are indicated by the object which she preferred to hold and play with.

This event took a lot of planning and effort by Anamita, her family and friends.  Raiya’s big brother and sister were actively involved in the planning and activities throughout the event. Thank you Anamita and family for trusting in me to capture the special moments of Raiya’s Annaprasan.


Katherine – Classic Beauty

Earlier this summer, I flew to my hometown in Alberta, Canada and had the pleasure of photographing Katherine’s bridal images.  What was remarkable about this shoot was that she proved that Canadian girls are incredibly resilient. Katherine powered through this session despite getting eaten alive by some of the biggest swarms of mosquitos that I’ve seen in years.  She had absolutely no complaints while we posed her, shot quickly and then quickly covered her with a blanket in between takes. Such grace under trying conditions!

Katherine and Kevin were married this past weekend and I wish them many years of happiness!