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Infrascapes: Havana Cuba

Earlier this month, I traveled with my husband from our home here in Mexico to his fatherland – Cuba.  It was the first time he had been to the country where his father was born and raised. The plan was to have this trip be a way of discovering the spirit of Cuba by spending a week in Havana. We spent time with a local guide/photographer and visited various classic locations in Havana and strolled along the streets where his father likely spent time as well.  My husband really enjoyed discovering “his people” and we’ve already talked about returning to Cuba again.

I brought my color infrared camera with me and took a series of images while we were in Havana.

For more images, check out my Steller story:

For more images, check out my Steller story:

Photography Travel

Infrared Photographs: Faves from 2016

I traveled a fair amount again this year and my infrared converted Nikon D300 comes with me. I thought I’d finish up 2016 with my favorite infrared images from my travels throughout this year.

Zion National Park (left), Barcelona, Spain (right)

Santa Maddalena Val di Funes, Italy

Lago di Carezza, Italy (left), Passo Gaiu, Italy (right)

Passo Sella, Italy

Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain

Barcelona (left), Mineral de Pozos, Mexico (right)

Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

Near Cortona, Tuscany, Italy

Passo Giau, Dolomites, Italy

Michoacan, Mexico

Michoacan, Mexico

Check out more of my images by viewing my story on Steller:


2010 In Review – Color Infrared

I’ve been shooting digital infrared images for close to 10 years now and this is the first year that I used a camera capable of shooting color infrared images. I had my Nikon D70 converted to shoot color infrared. My camera was converted by Jim Chen. His website contains information on the conversion process and a lot of great information about digital infrared photography in general.

Here are some of my favorite color digital infrared images photographed with my newly converted Nikon D70 camera in 2010.

Mineral de Pozos, Mexico

Statue Park, Budapest, Hungary

Mineral de Pozos, Mexico

The fair comes to Mineral de Pozos, Mexico

Circus in Mexico

Mineral de Pozos, Mexico

(Left) Central Texas, (Right) Las Vegas, NV

Hortobagy, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary