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Our Pretty House in the Texas Hill Country

We will miss this place, we call “The Yeller House”, when it becomes home for another lucky person.  Our pretty house in the Texas Hill Country is on the market.  The MLS listing has all of the standard photos. But, I wanted to share some of the more artsy photos I’ve taken of our house over the years.

Sunset reflecting in the windows.

The house was built 5 years ago using a vintage Texas farmhouse plan. The rest of the houses in the development were also constructed using vintage plans.

The street is named Primrose for a reason. Lots of primrose bloom in the spring.

Scene from the pasture across the way.

Sunrise with the horses in the pasture across the way.

Sunrise with the horses in the pasture across the way.

Cool roof line.

Roof line.

Side view with Charley.

Blanco River is 2 blocks away.

Blanco State Park in the fall.

The Blanco River is just as pretty in drought conditions.

Blanco State Park and bluebonnets just down the road on Hwy 281.

Wildflower photo ops are just around the corner during the spring.


Mas Colores: Spring in Texas

Photographing wildflowers during springtime in the Texas hill country  has become an annual tradition for me. After the drought last year, Mother Nature made a splendid recovery by gracing us with soothing rains and a bounty of colorful wildflowers.  This is one reason why we made our home in the Texas hill country.

Here’s a small set of images taken near New Berlin, TX.