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Christmas in Mexico: Posadas

Posadas are an important part of Mexican Christmas celebrations. The word posada means “inn” or “shelter” in Spanish, and this tradition re-enacts Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem. A procession goes from house to house. Those outside the house sing the part of Joseph asking for shelter and the family inside responds singing the part of the innkeeper saying that there is no room. The hosts give the guests food, such as tamales or tostadas and a hot drink such as ponche, a warm spiced fruit cider. Then the guests break piñatas and the children are given candy. We were invited by our neighbors to participate as one of the houses they stop at… and we contributed a piñata to the festivities. Here’s some images from the teeny little Posada that our block held a few days before Christmas. (Press the arrows on the right or left side of the images to view all the images in the gallery)

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