The Best Skin Care EVER

I’ve often been told that I look much younger than my age. “No way, you’re not a grandmother!” I get many compliments on my skin — smooth, clear, and glowing are typical words that people have used to describe it. Well, good genes are part of of my secret, but I also take care of my skin and employ a daily regimen to try to stay young looking. Yes, I admit it, I want to age gracefully without going under the knife and getting injections. So, thanks to a fellow photographer friend, Nicki Pasqualone, I’ve discovered a line of skin care from EVER that is keeping me young! I want to share EVER with all my friends and family, so guess what? I’m officially an independent EVER Specialist! I’m excited to explore the opportunities with EVER.
I’m looking forward to sharing my secret to looking young with you. Check it out:

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