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Pozos Art Walk Tickets:

Tickets can be purchased online in advance (via Paypal below) until Friday July 8th 4:00pm. You will receive an email confirmation that you print (or have available on your smart phone) and present to us at the bus stop in San Miguel de Allende or at the ticket table at Plaza Zaragoza on the day of the event.

You can purchase on the day of the event at the bus departure point in San Miguel de Allende and at Plaza Zaragoza in Pozos.

Los boletos pueden adquirirse en el Internet en avanza hasta el 8 de Julio a las 4:00 en la tarde o se puede comprar en el día del evento en el punto de salida del autobús en San Miguel de Allende y en la Plaza Zaragoza en Pozos.

Art Walk Basic Ticket – 100 Pesos

Includes access to studios/galleries on the art walk, hayride transport around the art walk circuit and an entry in the art raffle drawings.

Acceso a estudios, transporte de hayride y boleto de rifa de arte.


Art Walk Bus Transport Ticket – 250 Pesos

Includes access to studios/galleries on the art walk, hayride transport around the art walk circuit, an entry in the art raffle drawings AND return bus transportation from San Miguel de Allende. Purchase advance tickets to guarantee your seat on the bus!

Acceso a estudios, transporte de hayride, boleto de rifa de arte y viaje de ida y vuelta en autobús desde San Miguel. Comprar boletos por adelantado en el Internet para garantizar su asiento en el autobús!


San Miguel de Allende Bus Information:

  • On Saturday, July 9th, the Art Walk bus will depart at 9:00am from the Liverpool parking lot in San Miguel de Allende. It will arrive in Pozos at approximately 10:00am.
  • The return bus will depart from La Villa de Pozos at 4:00pm and will arrive back at the Liverpool parking lot at 5:00pm.
  • Sabado, 9 de Julio: El autobús sale a las 9:00 am desde el estacionamiento de Liverpool en San Miguel de Allende.
  • El autobús de regreso sale de La Villa de Pozos a las 4:00 pm y regresa al Liverpool a las 5:00 pm.

The Artists

Here’s a list of the artists that are opening their residence studios and galleries for the Art Walk:

Arturo Cabrera:  Arturo has been an artist in iron for many years. His studio and magical rock garden demonstrate his abundant imagination. His skills as a metal worker are superb, creating everything from grand wrought iron gates to fanciful animals and birds. Worth the trip – hop on the tractor hayride for ease of getting to his house and studio.

Carol Watson: An international award winning fine art photographer, Carol will be exhibiting a series that she’s been working on over the last 5 years titled, Femme. She will also have a slideshow on view that features her digital infrared photographs taken over the last 10 years including images that won her New Discovery of the Year as part of the International Photography Awards.

Cristina Quevedo and Alfredo Covarrubias: “Crisol” jewelry designs. Unique contemporary jewelry in plata (silver), alpaca, leather and stones. They will be showing their work at the residence of artist, Karen Arch.

David Winslow: David, a resident of Mineral de Pozos and owner of Hotel Posada de las Minas for over eleven years, will be displaying a series of new photographs and photo collages, all from in or around Pozos. Also there will be a continuous video showing of photographs he has taken over the past 15 years, highlighting the people, street scenes, fiestas, mines , and naturaleza of the Pozos area.

Eduardo Muñoz Álvarez del Castillo: Eduardo uses the technique of pyrography; burning the surfaces of plywood, laminates, leather and 50% cotton papers to create detailed works of art.  He has been employing his pointillism techniques for over 25 years. Eduardo will be showing his work at the at the residence of artist, Karen Arch.

Fausto Molinero: Fausto creates abstract art that expresses his feelings and emotions of the natural process of daily life and his relation with the universe.

Considero que la obra que llevo a cabo involucra el manejo de mis sentimientos y emoción, en el proceso muy normal y natural de las vivencias cotidianas y no, de mi vida, llevándola a cabo con un profundo pensamiento que involucra a la mujer en consonancia y estrecha relación  con el universo creando el mio propio  y transformando  todo este concepto, en el arte abstracto que desarrollo.  

Janice Freeman and Geoff Winningham:  Janice and Geoff will be opening their beautiful studios to show their artwork. Janice Freeman, well respected artist, will be showing Wax Sculptures , Monotypes, Watercolor Paintings and Mixed Media Panels from her time living and creating in Pozos. Geoff Winningham, renowned photographer, professor and author will be showing photos of his 20 years spent living in Pozos.

José Andrés: Jose’s work is realized on pine and banak wood which is then covered with gold, silver or copper leaf and polychromed with oil. He uses the ancient technique of “arte estofada”.

El trabajo es realizado sobre madera de pino y banak; estofada, con hoja de oro, plata, o cobre. Policromada con óleo. Utilizando la técnica del Antiguo Arte Estofado

Karen Arch: Karen, for many years a respected Santa Fe cloisonné jeweler and now a resident of Mineral De Pozos, is an artist and garden designer. In her current body of work she makes use of subtle applications of pigments, 24kt gold leaf, and controlled oxidation to enhance natural patinas on rusted panels (think metal canvases) found in and around the historic mines of Pozos. Images, from the elemental to celestial, emerge in surprising ways.

Lorena Wolfman: Lorena photographs as a way of celebrating the visual world: an inquiry into place — bright color and spontaneity is a daily staple of traditional Mexican life.  She revels in the color, texture, architectural detail, and the patina left by layers of time that naturally imbues her pictures with a sense of aesthetic and temporal depth.

Marcos Valencia: Marcos will have his paintings and encaustic work on display at El Secreto in the Jardin.


The Shops and Galleries

Here’s a list of businesses that feature the work of artists that are part of the Art Walk:

Gallery at La Villa:  Exhibits featuring the work of Sandra Conklin and Ri Anderson

  • Sandra Conklin: Sandra is a contemporary-realist oil painter, born in North Carolina but currently living and working in San Miguel de Allende. Sandra lived for several years in Pozos before moving to San Miguel. Her emphasis while at art school was studying the techniques of the modern masters. She loves the expressions of the human face and many of her portraits along with still life paintings will be on display at La Villa de Pozos.
  • Ri Anderson: Ri’s work is based on the bicultural lives of her daughters and herself. Originally from Boston but raising her family in central Mexico, she is interested in the butterfly for the symbolism of the monarch’s migratory route between the two locations. Living and working between two cultures, Ri incorporates elements of Victorian design with Mexican folk art. She uses a process she terms “digital embroidery” to make this work: intricate digital selection and manipulation of scans and snapshots of her and her daughters’ hair.

Juan Suárez: Juan is a member of the musical group Maxorhu, and specializes in teponaztli (hollow horizontal slit drums) usually made out of mesquite.  He also makes tecuicatl (“stones that sing”).

Luís Cruz – Venado Azul: Luís has been making prehispanic instruments for 18 years, and sees himself as “rescuing” the traditional instruments to keep the music alive. He runs a temazcal (sweat lodge) and is the leader of the musical group El Venado Azul. He makes many sorts of instruments, from clay and quiote de maguey flutes to huge, intricately-carved hueheutl (upright drums). Luís is also a major force behind the Festival de la Toltequidad, the celebration of indigenous culture that is held annually in Pozos.

Manos Creativos: Four women (Matilde, Emma, Josefina and Jacinta) who make dolls with very elaborate typical regional dress. Their shop has been open for 13 years, and they sell their work exclusively in Pozos.

Marco Antonio Sánchez – Corazon Indio: Marco specializes in teponaztli drums. He was one of the first artists to be involved in prehispanic instrument-making in Pozos, and his drums are known for their unique, rich tones. Marco does some commission work, having shipped his pieces to Switzerland, Canada and the US.

Pedro Ramírez – Cuicacalli, Casa del Canto:  Pedro was one of the original artists in Pozos trained in making prehispanic instruments in the 1980’s. He makes prehispanic drums and flutes out of mesquite, eucalyptus, willow, ash and the “quiote” of the maguey plant, plus pottery flutes. He also makes instruments based on designs from Brazil and Australia.

Marta Morales Valero – Tlalcuicatl: Marta creates ceramics in barro.



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